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Effective performance management system - Vizual Platform

Bringing People, Process and Technology Together

Manage your Vision, Strategy, OKRs, Tasks, and Employee Performance on One Platform.

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Vision, Mission & Strategy

Capture the company’s Vision, Mission, Strategy and KPIs

OKR Management

Objective Key Results at the company, department, sub-department, and Team levels. Define, Measure and Analyse

Task Management

Microsoft Outlook and Web console interface, Task Analytics, Task Reminders, Task Performance

Employee Performance & Engagement

Unbiased Performance Appraisal using Key Results, Task Performance statistics. Engage employees with Rewards using Performance Ranking

User Management

Active Directory Integrations, User Management, User Access control & Privileges and Department Hierarchy Management

Extensive Analytics and Monitoring

Analytics and Dashboard – OKR, Task Performance, Employee Performance & Monitoring, Employee Performance Ranking

We’ll Tell You How It’s Done

Our team of experts follow the ‘Design Thinking’ process to craft the VizualPro Suite solution that yields the best result towards Strategic Future. The ‘Design Thinking’ process involves the ‘Empathise, Define, Ideate, prototype and Test’ phases. We follow this process meticulously. We strive to understand human needs, reframe the problem in human-centric ways, create numerous ideas in brainstorming sessions and adopt a hands-on approach to prototyping and testing.

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One of the largest financial consultant firms


  • Satisfied customers – superior customer experience, Timely response
  • Accountability and Traceability
  • Great Efficiency & Greater Staff Productivity
  • Simplified Operations
  • Employee Trust – Motivation – Performance
  • Business process management system

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