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Over the past few years our employee project management system has become necessary for organisations to scale up with the evolving market situations. We help companies to transform towards a strategic future.

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We Build Tools For the Strategic Future

VizualPro Suite


We have stunning Enterprise SaaS-based online dedicated tools called ‘VizualPro Suite’ for setting, communicating, tracking, and measuring goals and results within businesses and Task Automation. Each tool in the VizualPro suite is seamlessly integrated with others to provide the best user experience. Our team of specialists created the VizualPro Suite solution using the “Design Thinking” process to produce the best results for the Strategic Future. The phases of “Empathise, Define, Ideate, prototype, and Test” make up the “Design Thinking” methodology. We carefully follow this procedure. We work hard to comprehend people’s demands, reframe issues in a human-centric manner, generate a tonne of ideas during brainstorming sessions, and take a practical approach to prototype and testing.

Vizual Platform


Vizual Platform is a No / Low code platform. Vizual Platform has a built-in Modeller and Engine to design and execute business processes. The Engine is highly scalable and proven to be six times higher in performance compared to the competition. Vizual Platform support user tasks, parallel processing, timer, message task, publish tasks, and service task – REST, SOAP, and database calls. And apart from that, Vizual Platform also has Business Rule Engine, Notification Engine, and Frontend form designer. The B2B journey implementation can be easily implemented at a low cost and less duration using the Vizual Platform. We also provide consulting, implementation and project delivery services.

"The truth is that people don’t fall in love with the best product. They fall in love with the product that delivers the experience and the feeling that they want."

Monarch Inc.

"Great Products are Born, Not Made. Great products and services are born from obsessing about the user’s feelings and frustrations, from understanding the problem to solve, for whom and knowing why it matters to them. People don’t want a better knife, they want the butter on their bread.."

Success Stories

We want you to know that we are delighted with the VizualTask Pro. We sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conduct business. We have recommended your company to others because of our satisfaction with your service.

The key benefits include – Satisfying customers due to timely and quality responses, Accountability and Traceability, Visibility and Control, Automated and Simplified Task Management, Microsoft Outlook as the Interface, Eliminating the Ticketing system and Lead data being up-to-date.

Sandeep Khapre


We focus on streamlining the customer experiences ranging from purchase to support across our portfolio of offerings. The centralised business processes and decision rules brings end-to-end visibility and improves efficiencies. The business processes modelled and executed on the ‘Visual Platform’ acts as a common definition for both technical and non-technical stakeholders.



Brainfuel is an online and mobile platform dedicated solely to improve the mental health needs of its population.  It’s quite challenging to connect user/ patient with the right counsellors and doctors. Each consultation needs a personalised, complex business process involving manual and automated tasks to ensure that every user/ patient receives the right counsellor/ doctor. ‘Visual Platform’ helps to define and execute such complex business processes, it’s easy to use, and scales on demand.



The vision of Zosswater is to become the most innovative and the largest healthy water solutions brand in India. The world’s population growth and climate changes increase the demand for high-quality water. This fact forces humankind to create new water management strategies. Traditional business processes are too rigid in expressing the dynamic behaviour of water supply systems. An efficient business process orchestration engine with a scalable decision rule engine offered by ‘Visual Platform provides flexibility to manage water supply systems




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